Barrie Augustine

Greetings and Welcome! My name is Barrie Augustine. I am a LPGA and PGA Golf Professional in the Sun Country Section. I’m originally from Chicago – aka the greatest sports city in the world - but my family and I moved to Santa Fe, NM in March of 2023. We love to travel – particularly to warm places where we can play golf; overindulge in TV shows, movies, and sports; and take our dog Journey anywhere where he can make a fool of himself (and burn some energy). Now that we’ve moved somewhere with snow and mountains, we’re all gearing up to get back into downhill skiing!

I love to golf. Although now with my near constant access to it, I’m starting to become a bit of a fair-weather golfer. And while I’m pretty darn good (most days), where I truly excel is inside the Golf Shop. I cut my teeth in the golf industry at Northmoor Country Club outside of Chicago. Here I learned every aspect of the job. I am an expert at Tournament Operations, Buying & Merchandising, Marketing, Building Women’s & Junior Golf Programs, and all facets of Golf Genius.

I really love helping people be happy and have fun. Being able to do that in an industry I love and for a game that I truly enjoy is a double bonus! I am very excited to explore with you all the ways we can make your operation profitable, invigorated, and a place that you and your customers feel awesome about!

Why We Do it

The business of golf hit a boom during the COVID pandemic the likes of which we haven’t seen since Tiger prowled onto the scene. It is an exciting time that everyone in the business wants to maximize! However not all facilities are able to keep up with the demand, nor are they in a location that grants easy access to a knowledgeable golf professional. Also, some golf operations may not have the financial wherewithal to support a full-time, year-round golf professional, but want and need the benefit of expert assistance.

This is exactly why I created BA Golf Pro!

What We Do

Marketing and Communications

  • Invigorated and Creative Communication for Golf Shop and Tournament Operations.
  • Weekly and Monthly Deals & Sales.
  • Creation of Golf Genius Tournament and League Pages.
  • Golf Shop Advertisements of New Merchandise and Promotions.
  • Tournament Flyers and Posters.
  • Food and Beverage, Aquatics, Racquet Sports, and Clubhouse Communications.
  • Standardized Weekly Newsletters.

Tournament Operations

  • Remote Tournament Design and Operations for All Demographics.
  • Outings, Leagues and Skins Games.
  • Upfront, Pre-season Build-out of Full Tournament Operation for the Entire Year.
  • Golf Genius Set Up for All Tournaments.
  • New Tournament Ideas and Formats to Keep Things Fresh.
  • Modifiable Scorecard Template Creation.
  • Design Personalized Calligraphy Scoreboards.
  • Boost WGA Programs with Season-long Competitions.

Merchandising Management

  • On-site Invigoration of Golf Shop.
    • Pre-Season Set Up
    • In-Season Re-invigoration
  • Introduce New Brands and Styles.
  • Bespoke Brands and Styling Catered to Your Membership and Clientele.
  • Inventory Tracking.
  • Special Order Services.
  • Unload Unpurchased Merchandise.
  • Increase Golf Shop Traffic with Brand Invigoration, Marketing and Professional Displays.

Women’s Golf

Ladies are one of the fastest growing demographics in golf. We can help you build a wonderfully successful women’s golf program!

  • Tournament Design and Operation.
  • Promotions.
  • Season-long Games and Competitions.
  • Track Stats and Accomplishments.
  • Manage Scoring.
  • Communications with Leagues and Tournament Players.
  • Evaluation of Current Women’s Programming.
  • Clinic Stylings and Formats.
  • Trunk Shows.
  • Golf Shop Invigoration for Women’s Styles.